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Mincol, Min-Col
Min-Col (or Mincol) - Daily Manufacturing

Mincol™ or Min-Col, is short for mineral colloids. It is a supplement of Colloidal size particles of pure soft rock phosphate, mined in Florida, USA. Min-Col is naturally rich in phosphate, calcium, and iron, with traces of other minerals.

Min-Col has an assortment of about 66 minerals in the phosphate form, which makes it readily available to the body. Minerals cannot be assimilated directly into the human body because the particles are too big. The minerals have to be in the phosphated and colloidal form in order to be bio-available. Plant minerals from the soil have been “phosphated” in the growing process so they are readily available to the human body when eaten.

The wonderful quality of these mineral colloids is that they are 100% available when ingested regardless of the strength or weakness of the gastric juices.

This is important because when the pH of the saliva is 6.4, it shows that the liver bile is at the perfect strength to extract the maximum amount of minerals and nutrients from the food you eat, however when the pH varies up or down, the digestive process is less efficient. Min-Col is available regardless of the strength or weakness of the gastric juices.
Min-Col supplies calcium and phosphate that are essential for normal bone formation. Throughout youth, your body uses these minerals to produce bones. If you do not get enough calcium, or if your body does not absorb enough calcium from the diet, bone production and bone tissues may suffer, and may result in osteoporosis.

Min-Col is great for bones, teeth, and fingernails. If those are not mineral deficient, your whole body is not mineral deficient. Tooth decay and cavities are a direct result of a deficiency of the kind of minerals in Min-Col. Ridges on your fingernails show that you have a deficiency of the phosphate form of calcium, which is abundant in Min-Col. Pregnant women and women of childbearing age need an abundance of extra minerals and Min-Col will supply them.

There is nothing on the market that equals the bioavailability of the phosphated colloidal minerals that are found in Min-Col. The manufacturer, based on Dr Carey Reams specifications, uses a proprietary method of extracting the Min-Col from the clay of the soft rock phosphate so the product is completely natural and has never seen the insides of a chemistry laboratory except for testing purposes. Use it to re-mineralize your mineral deficient body.

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