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Parent essential oils are necessary for the body to create EFA's. Our cells need unaltered EFA's every day. EFA's are "oxygen magnets" meaning they help to oxygenate your cells. Cells with high oxygen content are far healthier and have a higher resistance to toxins and damage. Simply increasing oxygen isn't enough to oxygenate cells. It takes EFA's to get the oxygen into your cells membrane. Parent essential oils are the best way to do that. EFA's are Essential Fatty Acids. Essential, means the body cannot manufacturethem. You must get them through your diet. Unfortunately, the average American diet is very low in EFA's. So how can we change that? By eating parent essential oils. Parent essential oils are organic oils that your body uses to make EFA's in just the right amounts. The root cause of health (including cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's, etc.) is inadequate oxygenation at the cellular level. The root cause of modern day, lessened cellular oxygenation is that our cellular membranes have becomebarriers to oxygen because they are built from oxygen-dead consumer oilsinstead of from parent essential oils.So, to avoid cancer and other diseases, improve your health and have optimum energy, you need to avoid eating oxygen-barrier oils and consume, instead, parent essential oils.PEOs are a plant-based and can be obtained organically from precise mixtures of sunflower, safflower, pumpkin, evening primrose seed oils, and coconut oil. It is extremely important that these oils be processed correctly. If they are not,the end product will not carry oxygen, in fact, it will reduce the amount of oxygen that can enter your cells.

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